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Initially published on July 22nd, 2015

When you have incorrectly modified your /root/.profile, your root user is probably not able anymore to access to the ssh console. Although there are plenty of solutions detailed on Internet (incl. a firmware restore), the easiest solution consists in setting-up the ‘config file editor’ tool.

  1. Go to and download the “Config File Editor” package file,
  2. Log in to the Synology Web UI,
  3. Open Package Center,
  4. Click Manual Install,
  5. Click Browse and select the Config File Editor package file that you downloaded,
  6. Click Next to install the package,
  7. Open Config File Editor from the main menu,
  8. From Config File Editor, click on the “Choose config file” list box and select “profile”,
  9. Correct your mistake or press the Original button,
  10. Click Save and close Config File Editor.

source: joelafrite

When you have made some mistakes that disable the usage of some packages like Tomcat that you cannot solve, there is the possibility to restore the latest DSM update. This may avoid to reset the Synology.

  1. Edit change the file “/etc.defaults/VERSION” to change the firmware build number to a lower one than the version you want to install,
  2. Open the web console to update the system.

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